Cricket is one of the most famous sports activities throughout the world. However, it does not determine a place in the Olympics. It did characteristic as soon as in the quadrennial event more than a century ago. But cricket games fail to make an influence and have no longer been a part of the Olympics.

The recreation of cricket game was trying as one of the activities in the 1900 Paris Olympics. The test failed. Various reasons include the reality that does no longer performed through the majority of the nations around the world, avoided cricket game from being played at the Olympics ever again.

The cricket game does have a massive fan base and is likely the only second to soccer in that regard. However, it appears to have carried out no excellent for the sport when it comes to being a section of the Olympics.

Although the cricket game performed in a hundred and five nations throughout the world,

solely a handful of groups have Test status. Moreover, the World Cup (the sports marquee tournament) entirely points a most of 10-12 teams.

Cricket Appearance in 1896 Olympic

Cricket used to be brought as a match in the first cutting-edge Olympics at Athens in 1896. The recreation failed to draw sufficient entries and was used to have shelved from the Games.

However, at the Paris Games in 1900, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, and France had been scheduled to take part in the Games. The state of affairs was modified when Belgium and Holland withdrew from the Games. France performed towards Great Britain, with the hosts dropping the match.

However, to say the recreation has in no way featured at the Olympics in view that then.

Cricket in Olympics

Some Factors Working Against Cricket Inclusion

Although the cricket game has a world fan following, the recreation has failed to secure a place in nations that dominate the Olympics. Additionally, a non-cricketing country does not help the sport to get inclusion in the prestigious quadrennial event.

The time issue additionally works towards the cricket motive for inclusion in the Olympics. While there has been a T20 revolution in the remaining decade,

More variations of the sport take a lot of time and power to be carried out on a massive scale at the Summer Games.

Another purpose for the cricket games have been preventing at the Olympics is the economic factor. Long fits that require a lot of technical help and have very few fascinating nations in viewing the activity are now not a gorgeous addition to any event.

Why Cricket Will Change the Olympics Event?

Cricket is already underneath substantial stress to popularize the present three codecs simultaneously.

While the sport may subsequently achieve reputation with many countries establishing to embody the sport,

the current situation is nevertheless pretty discouraging for new international locations getting into the fray of global cricketing game.

Cricket boards and partner countries are simply getting to play a handful of cricket games during the cricket boards of India, England, Australia, and New Zealand hog the limelight with rewarding excursions and tournaments.

Why Do PeopleThink Cricket in Olympics is a Good Idea?

The Olympics is a global platform where multiple athletes compete against each other in unique video games, mentioning their respective countries.

It is a very proud moment for every athlete when he receives a medal on the biggest platform in the world.

Although the cricketing game is a vastly accompanied sport, it is now not performed in the international pageant that is the Olympics. But why not?

Cricket was conduct for the first and last time at the 1900 Olympics. Due to the lack of cricket supervision in the accompanying countries and the added reluctance of the cricket boards of these unique countries,

Men cricketing games are no longer represented in any country.

But the ICC continues to push its board of directors, more often the BCCI, to agree that the cricket game is the stage at the Olympics. When the BCCI appears on the board, cricket games will include in the 2024 Olympics.

Cricket in Olympics

But that is huge if here are three motives why the cricket game must be in the Olympics:

#1 Increase in Viewership

Cricket has a vast fan base this equal to that of any recreation in the world other than football. A whole of 107 international locations, enjoying cricket games actively and exciting the fans,

we can discover a cricket fan in each look of the world.

Cricket has one of the most passionate games of followers on earth, and if it is cover in the Olympics, we ought to note a superb spike in its world viewership. Tons of followers will watch their favorite crew taking part on the worldwide platform, making the activity a warm property in even the companion nations.

#2 Ultimate cricket blast

The reached of the fans could be double if they protect at the Olympics

Cricket is gradually becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. Also, according to some predictions, it could soon surpass football in terms of popularity and rise.

Women cricketing game is dazzled at the Olympics, the structure will continue to improve and could become the most-watched women activity in the world.

Because of the Olympics, many partner countries like Canada, Russia, China, USA have become very familiar with entertainment and are encouraged to play better. If a bigger international venue played the cricket games, it would eventually become a better international sport.

#3 T-10 is easily requested forms in Olympic format

One of the reasons it is not being played in the Olympics now is the long time to host cricket tournaments.

But Olympic organizers will be pleased with the addition of the T10 format because the current 10-over approach does not take too long.

The ICC must design the pre-Olympic qualifying matches and host the Olympic quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. And, they should continue to build knockout leagues to give each group a hazard a trait in the vast phase of all.

The complete cricket calendar is another reason why the cricket game at the Olympics has been postponing. The creation of T20 leagues throughout the world has crippled the power of the remaining players, and with additional money pouring into the non-public tournament, the responsibility has sometimes taken a distant second place across the country.

Challenges for Cricket as an Olympic Sport

Cricket most likely is a well-known recreation with its fan base all around the world. Despite the famous opinion to make the cricket section of the Olympics, various giant hurdles want to cross over earlier than it may characterize as an everlasting game in Olympics.

So, what challenges does the cricket game pose if it had been to qualify as an Olympic sport?

It is an Olympic activity – Key Conundrum T20 is a famous layout in the cricketing world. Furthermore, it is the most supported layout to be a viable answer to overcome time boundaries in Olympics. The supporters of this layout desire T20 or T10 to be the phase of every summertime Olympics.

However, the T20 World Cup draws near every two years and, it a vast role in the ICC revenue. So if the T20 games in the Olympics are hidden, then the T20 World Championships will take place every four years.

For the ICC, it is not a tolerable loss. Therefore, the ICC will no longer be satisfied with the inclusion of spatial planning in the Olympics. In contrast, various games, such as the t-20 cricket game or ODI cricket, no longer combine well with fast-paced tournaments such as the Olympics, which expire in sixteen days.

Absence of grounds and practice Cost

Olympics is a world game in the United States web hosting the tournament for that precise two years. But, most of these countries that have a web hosting the match are no longer well-known for cricket in any sense. For example, until 2028, no longer the single famous cricket kingdom is going to host the Olympics.

Furthermore, the venues for the relaxation of the years are but to be announced. Hence, these venues in the main do no longer have any cricket floor or simply a few (one in South Korea). And, the value associated with creating a new cricket pitch is greater than the actual return on investment.

Furthermore, even if the floor receives constructed, it will stay vain for these nations as most of these international locations have a minimal hobby in cricket.

Lack of hobby via cricket boards participant in possible Olympic Games, loss of positive autonomy from the formed National Olympic Committee. Such a commission would be taking the best position in making a schedule.

Cricket in Olympics

What about the conflict between the IPL and the Olympics?

Would it be a tolerable loss? But, the effectiveness of the cricket boards such as the BCCI won’t bow themselves in the front of the Olympic committee and, They neither choose to put cash or their popularity at stake.

Popular cricket international locations are now not fully Olympics members

Cricket groups such as England, the West Indies, and Ireland are now not Olympic contributors entirely. England aspects as Great Britain in Olympics. Similarly, the West Indies is a constituent of 15 Caribbean territories, with many exceptional nations.

So, it is problematic trouble to cope. Even if it was part of the Olympics, how would the fate of the gold medal be decided?

Lack of hobby in the world

As per Wikipedia, there are 104 nations’ individuals of ICC. However, simply eight to 10 groups can be term as that up to an expert level. Hence, there is a lack of pastime in the universal member. International locations can be termed extra of rising cricket countries.

Furthermore, the International Olympic Committee (IOM), has most of the contributors who are no long phase of these eight to 10 nations. Hence, a hole stays between ICC and IOM.

Which participant has supported Cricket Inclusion in the Olympics?

Below is a list of players who have recently approved the cricket game entry into the Olympics:

1. Eoin Morgan has supported the inclusion of the T10 format.

2. Sangakkara has supported the inclusion of the T20 or T10 format.

3. Chris Gayle has supported the inclusion of the T10 layout in the Olympics.

4. Rahul Dravid has supported the addition of the T20 structure in the Olympics.


The formation of the Olympics Cricket Committee via ICC has raised some hope for cricket inclusion in LA 2028 Olympics. Undoubtedly, the addition of the cricket game in the Olympics would have significant benefits.

There would be market expansion. Big economies like the USA, China, Russia and, Japan. Would strive to function as the greatest, distinguished group as the sport would mature in future Olympic events.

However, as cited in the article, many apparent and delicate challenges have to get over.

If the cricket game has to turn out to be an excellent and everlasting section of world occasions Olympics.

We hope you loved our article on whether or not cricket games as an Olympic recreation is the actual concept.


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